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(Poem) Are (for Tony)
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(Poem) Are (for Tony)
When there's no remorse
when there's nothing but regret
when your life is only contradictions
deeply you breathe
but you can't get oxygen
'cause everything and nothing are together
you are but you don't exist
think, but you can't feel
blind, but you can see
eyes open in dreamless sleep
watch and pray and wait for the day
icy rain on your stone facade
see things move in the corners of your eyes
ghosts and goblins and faeries you see
more real to you than you'll ever be
crowded out of yourself by your own thoughts
to feel the pain is to feel something
you see this world swirl around you
lost and stuck in this far-away place
isolated, walk in circles in your self-created cage
these things separate you from me
but its still in your hands
will you ever find the key?

Now are thoughts thou shalt not banish--
Now are visions ne'er to vanish;
from thy spirit they shall pass
No more-- like dew-drops from from the grass.

E. A. P.
2010-02-23 5:21
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