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Picture a day
Syraphin Faelad
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Picture a day
Simple, post a picture a day that could be anything. Describing your mood, your kintype, a quote you found or a drawing you did. Be expressive.

Please dont clame images you find online as your own. And keep it age rated. If potentially upsetting or triggering put in a spoiler.

Just be you and creative

[Image: 10476007_black-wolf-anime-wolf-drawing-t...nt-png.png]
2021-04-24 22:42
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RE: Picture a day
Saw this beauty in a dispensary yesterday:

[Image: 09ysCyx.jpg?2]
[Image: xbzvSBH.jpg?2]

Amethyst, with citrine inclusions.

multiple system of 20±.
we are hyakkimaru, dib, gutts, jeremy, seraph, hoxton, and more.

[Image: QnHghY0m.png]
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2021-04-27 23:50
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