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Otherkin for the Holidays?
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Otherkin for the Holidays?
I couldn't think of a better title, but essentially I'm curious if there is anyone who does anything related to their kintype for the holidays? Or for those with kintypes who may have their own rendition of holidays?

For my dragonself, theres no relation to it whatsoever. As a Cybertronian who has spent time on Earth among humans, theres a bit of something there. Theres even a goofy comic for my fictotype that I can't help but relate to. Yes, even a decepticon can learn to enjoy Christmas.

[Image: 740e9fb54f08f53a81f8600bc619b08a.jpg]

For the holidays, my sparkbond and I are actually going to a Transformers convention this month. It'll be a real Cybertronian get together, which we haven't had since the last one 2 years ago thanks to the pandemic. Cybertronian themed drinks, games, and a twist of Christmas cheer is one we're looking forward to. I actually got my partner and Orion Cybertronian face masks to be safe whilst also acting as "therian gear". I had been meaning to get Orion a mask anyhow since he misses it.

Anyone else have holiday plans that are kin related?


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2021-12-03 20:09
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RE: Otherkin for the Holidays?
I'm sure my Lupine culture had some sort of winter celebration, but I'm not currently aware of any.

To be fair, my holiday season is generally spent very busy, never at home, running around and doing all the things with friend and relatives so I never have any time for myself this time of year. Rolleyes

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2021-12-03 23:48
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RE: Otherkin for the Holidays?
Best thing I can think of is reading WoF during the festive season. Like you, I can't think of anything related with dragons during this time of the year.

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2021-12-11 18:32
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