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Otherkin blog: Beyond Awakening
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Otherkin blog: Beyond Awakening
Because I've apparently gone mad... A few months ago I got the idea into my head that I wanted to write a blog. And then I decided I wanted my focus to be otherkin, especially after I looked around and could find no active otherkin-centric blogs. And then I got some other people to join me in the insanity to make it a joint blog.

Beyond Awakening

Otherkin are people who identify in some way as something other than human. Awakening is the process of realizing and developing that other-than-human identity. Much of the otherkin community focuses on awakening, the development of one’s otherkin identity, what you are and why and how.

But what comes after awakening?

Let’s talk otherkin, therianthropy, animal-folk, the entire spectrum. Let us discuss functioning and health. Let’s dialogue how being other affects you and influences your life. Let’s discuss theory, and possibility, and raw experience. Let’s get into the meat of this existence, push past the basics, and find new, more intriguing topics.

Let’s talk otherkin beyond awakening.

There's also a Dreamwidth feed here, and a LiveJournal feed here.

I try to post a writing challenge/prompt a month on topics I don't normally see on the therian and otherkin communities. Last month's challenge was fairly therian-focused, Exploring the Mythic. You can read a couple writings on that topic here. This month's challenge, The Experiential Other, is addressed to non-therian otherkin, but animal-folk might enjoy completing it too.


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2011-05-01 16:57
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