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Otherkin Defined V1.0
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Otherkin Defined V1.0
I wrote this article many years ago , in fact not long after I had been first introduced to the idea of otherkin .

It basically came about due to a number of discussions I’d been having regarding both otherkin and the idea of realms , now I’m not pushing this as “Fact” , at best I’m just trying to answer questions as best I could , who knows maybe one day I’ll know more or at least enough to re-write the whole thing .

But I will say this was one of my initial jumps into the whole idea of otherkin , I’m by no means an expert on the subject, in fact its quite the opposite …

I often feel quite overwhelmed and even a little intimidated by how so many kin seem to be so sure of themselves and so self confidant , that’s something I don’t have .

For all I know I could be deluding myself or just plain old fashioned crazy …I doubt it , but I still cant help from feeling that way at times , I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m insecure because I cant be certain , its not like I can prove to myself that I’m kin by some sort of standardised means and to be honest half the time I don’t even know what I’m looking at anyway .

In any case , if nothing more this is food for thought …I like it because it makes a kinda logical sense , to me anyway …

Be warned though , this is a really long article ….if you really want to read it , you might be better off printing in out .

Otherkin Defined V1.0

( Formerly Mechanics Of The Multiverse )

Yes i know , I've got this nasty habit of re-writing my work , but what do you expect ?
Anyway , Mechanics of the Soul "and" Mechanics of the Multiverse have now at long last been updated to " Otherkin Defined" , this work encompasses items and material from both previous versions , it was my intention to write this article all along , but as I'm sure you can guess its not an easy thing to do , so I've re-written the article to its original concept .

This is a truly hard subject to tackle , because for all the information that "is" known about otherkin there's still so much that we don't know , its a case of not only "Not" having all the answers , we don't even know all the "Questions" yet , this itself is quite remarkable considering the amount of people all over the world who actually believe themselves to be otherkin in the first place .

1 ) what are otherkin ?

Otherkin is a rather loose term which can mean a large number of things , in most respects its a term used to describe somebody who for one reason or another sees themselves as being "non-human" in one aspect or another , yes i know that's not a very clear description but bare with me here …

In most case's the term "Otherkin" is used to refer to somebody who has a "non-human" soul , though there are other groups who use the same term with different meanings , much in the same way as modern vampires do , for some its a lifestyle choice , much in the same respects as it is to being a "Goth" or at the other end of the spectrum it can be used to describe somebody who for some as yet unknown or at the very least undefined reason requires blood or "life energy" ( Chi , Pranic Energy , Ki , Call it what you will ) to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

So in the same manner "Otherkin" have different meanings as well , the primary or most widely accepted use of the term relates to those who claim to have a "non-human" soul , so when "Otherkin" are generally spoken of , its this term they mean , a person with a , or more to the point , a person who "is" a "non-human" soul inhabiting or living out a human life in a human body.

Now you have to understand that this is "spirituality" for the most part , it deals in concepts of the soul , life after death and reincarnation , all the concepts in fact that are generally associated with the soul and spirituality in general , so if you have a problem in dealing with subjects that are of a "spiritual" nature , then you may as well stop reading this now .

Still here ? good , but I'll warn you now , I'm going to go into some seriously heavy concepts here , so try and keep an open mind ok ? after all if you can believe in the concept of a god as most religions would have you do , well this isn't all that far fetched and if you can't ....well like i said quit reading now .

I suppose that the main body of the concept of otherkin is actually based around "higher concepts " , the Otherkin belief system could even function as a religion if it was given half a chance , but for now , although its not really a religion that's has structure and so on , it is a belief system based on many things , as there's many branches to certain religions , there are many branches to the belief in otherkin , try to keep that in mind as you read on .

2 ) what is a non-human soul ?

Well in case you haven't figured any of this out yet , there is absolutely nothing simple about Otherkin , from start to finish , its about as complicated as a belief system could possibly get , but this should really be expected at the concept of Otherkin touches on every concept of life and death in some manner , the idea of a "non-human" soul is something that i think is more of a misinterpretation than anything else , how can you even call a soul human to begin with ? read on and I'll do the best i can to explain.

I think a much better term would be something along the lines of an "Immigrant" soul , a "non-resident" soul , something to indicate that an Otherkin soul is not "Native" to this particular plane of existence , this is a much more accurate description as compared to simply calling it "non-human" , as this can be very confusing and lets face it , when it comes to the very idea of "Otherkin" , things are confusing enough.

So in any case what is this soul that's being described ? , well simply put its a soul that comes from or is native to another realm , or in other words another plane of existence or dimensional space within that which is known as the "Multiverse" , these are souls that have for one reason or another arrived in this plane of existence ( the earth realm ) and have chosen to live human lives , now as to the reasons as to "why" they have chosen to do this , well they're as varied as the Otherkin themselves , some claim to have been trapped here long ago , they claim that the "Gateways" that once lead back to their own planes of existence have long since closed for some reason , others say that they chose to come here and live human lives for their own varied reasons .

As an example of one of the views as to the early history of the Otherkin and the reasons behind their being here , I've taken this section from the Guardians grimoire Book One which gives a brief example of one version of their historical myths .

The Book Of History

by Abritha

Know that there are many realms besides the physical one in which we now live. In the astral plane alone there are countless lands, in which all sorts of strange creatures and demigods dwell, such as appear in legends and folklore throughout the physical world. In the beginning, before man ascended into sentience, the passage between most of these lands was difficult or impossible, and many of the beings in those lands had never met or heard of one another.

When humanity, which then had no home except the physical world, began to reach out to the spiritual and astral worlds for guidance and meaning, there was a great upheaval: for the energy of their questing was so great that many gates opened between the physical world and the various astral lands. Not only that, but over time, many more gates opened between the different lands themselves, and there came to be traffic from one astral land to another, and between the astral and physical realms.

In the physical world, the results of this mingling were humans with unusual gifts and fondness for our ways; and these today are called shamen and pagans. In the astral realm, many strange new beings were born of minglings between different races. Those who had come before, and who now called themselves the "Pure Ones," did not know what to think of these new children, who seemed to be subject to none of the old rules they had followed, and who often exceeded their elders in raw power. They came to be called simply "The Mixbreeds," or even Mongrels by those who feared them. A great Council
was established of members of all the Pure races; but the Mixbreeds, though many were of noble lineage, were not included.

The time came when a single dark entity, having access to so many of the other destructive races, was able to temporarily unite them and attack their lighter brothers, with the hopes of conquering them, and eventually all of the astral and physical realms. However, as the gods would have it (for there is contact between the astral and spiritual, or godly, realm, as there is with the physical) he was sidetracked and weakened by an obsession with another Mixbreed, and this made possible his defeat. He was destroyed and his army routed by a mere handful of other Mixbreeds. When they had recovered, this group, angered by the lack of aid they had received from the Great Council on which many of their own families sat, departed for the physical world vowing not to return. As the news of this event spread, many other Mixbreeds and even a few Pure Ones sided with the exiles, and decided to follow them to (from their perspective) the New World. The Council, regretting its former inaction, sent this group with their blessings, named them Guardians, and charged them with watching over the gates to the physical realm so that no dark power might abuse them. This was the First Wave, and the handful that preceded them
were called the Progenitors.

In the physical world this became a golden time, when many civilizations flowered under the combined wisdom of human sages and "heavenly" immigrants. Over time, however, some of the First Wave became enamoured of power and prestige, and wished to control the gates for their own purposes rather than for the greater good, or to use their magical power to make kingdoms for themselves; and perhaps some of them had intended this from the start. When the Council learned of this (which took some time, for the dark Guardians sent false reports of their doings) a Second Wave was sent to police the first; this group, like the ones before, consisted mostly of Mixbreeds, largely of noble lineage. This resulted in the Guardian War, after which the Second Wave remained as watchdogs, the First Wave (those who had not turned) resumed its campaign to aid friendly and potentially powerful humans, and the Progenitors went into hiding, though promising to come forward as Elders to the others if they were needed, for they had many enemies.

*** Sadly the sites holding the Guardians Grimoire books have closed down , though you can still find reference to them in articles found online , just do a search for the “ Guardians Grimoire “ ***

Another common line of thought used in reference to "non-human" souls is in regards to "Reincarnation" , some believe that Otherkin souls will reincarnate indefinitely , while human souls will only reincarnate to a certain point , i suppose at this point i really should try and explain what a soul itself actually is and the most common and excepted views on it are outside of the confines of religion.

so let's begin with the concept of the soul , what exactly is a "soul" ?

Some general meanings.

1.The animating and vital principle in humans, credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity.

2.The spiritual nature of humans, regarded as immortal, separable from the body at death, and susceptible to happiness or misery in a future state.

3.The disembodied spirit of a dead human.

4.The vital principle or animating force within living beings: breath, divine spark, élan vital, life force, psyche, spirit, vital force, vitality.

5.The essential being of a person, regarded as immaterial and immortal, spirit.

6. A member of the human race.

7.The most central and material part, core, essence, gist, heart, kernel, marrow, meat, nub, pith, quintessence, spirit, stuff, substance.

8.The seat of a person's innermost emotions and feelings.

And they go on and on .

Now i just have to stop here , i want to keep this in the range of being an actual description , rather than a philosophical lecture , beyond this point is "religion" and "belief" , for all these aspects are indeed very important to the concept of the soul , as they have gone some way to help us refine our definition of what a soul is, i don't feel it would be really appropriate to include them in this description and i can tell you now that its hard going trying to describe what a soul is without jumping to religious reference because the concepts of the "soul" , "God" and "religion" are all deeply interconnected to each other .

Two questions to ask are these...but try and answer them outside of the confines of religion.

1). what is a soul ?

2) .what is God ?

( Don't worry , this has nothing at all to do with religion, i promise , the concept of god can and does exist outside the confines of religious writings , remember the concept of god has been around far longer than that of religion )

A Soul is basically what you are , its the "Prime Essence of Self" , now the thing you have to understand is that a soul isn't some small detachable part of your consciousness , that somehow miraculously survives your mortal existence here on earth , you as a sentient being are a soul "first" , the other aspects of the soul come next and finally you have your physical body , your mortal self , that which does reside here on earth .

Soul first , Body last , that's how it works.

Now previously i only considered the concepts of Soul + Body , living here on the "Physical Reality" in a sort of state of symbiosis ( a soul and a human body living as a single harmonious organism ), i was "Wrong" , there are parts to this that i couldn't really understand and even in some case's misinterpreted , as a soul , you don't just have one body , you actually have "three".

Sounds ridiculous i know , having one soul is a hard enough concept for most people to deal with , never mind adding three aspects to the soul as well , but like i said bare with me here and all will become clear....uh....i hope.

I had first came across the concept of "aspects" of the soul when i was confronted with a story about one of the Delhi Lama's , who has supposedly reincarnated to "three" different children at the same time , although i deeply respect the Buddhist faith and philosophy , this is just something that i can't agree with or accept , as the soul is the seat of consciousness and the very essence of what you are , i don't believe it can be split up , the soul the "Immortal" part of "self" that transcends death and reincarnates from life to life , i don't believe its possible for a single soul to reincarnate to three separate host body's , though it may be possible for a physical body to play host to more than a single soul , but that's a debate for another time .

In any case , due to this , every time i came across the subject of the different aspects of the soul , i automatically dismissed it off hand , this was both foolish and wrong of me , in a sense , a "Body" or a "Spiritual Body" is little more than clothing for the soul , its something the soul "wears" for a period of time , just as it does with the physical body .

the terminology alone can be confusing , so for here and for the purpose of this article , i will use these terms to describe what i mean .


the very prime essence of self , some call it the "God State" , you exist as pure formless living energy .

"Astral Body"

This basically looks like you do now ( though its this that's important to the concept of Otherkin , I'll go into that later ) , many have said that its a luminescent form , as if your body was made of tiny little stars , although this itself is still in a sense a "shell" that contains your soul , you reside within this body for the longest period of time ( how you apply time to non-physical reality is beyond me though ) , its also within this form that you are able to travel in the "Astral Realm " or " Non-Physical Reality" , many state that this particular form take's on the appearance of your "ideal" self , that basically means you look like you did at the prime of your life , its an idealised version of your physical body .

"Auric Body"

Now this is an interesting one , as its directly connected to your physical body , in a sense its your "Aura" and often changes to reflect the currant state of your physical self , in a way you can't really class it as a body , its more of an energy field that binds your Astral Body to your Physical Body , many state that its actually larger than your physical self , so to put it simply , your Auric body is actually your Aura , the energy field that surrounds your physical body .

"Physical Body"

Basically what your in right now , Unless its directed to the Astral Form standing behind you reading this over your shoulder ( Relax Bad Joke ) , your physical body is basically that , the Physical Reality's incarnation of self .

All of those combined seem to go into making up a single individual being , your are in a sense a being of energy wrapped up in many different layers of energy and matter but only the soul remains ever-present , the rest can and does get discarded over time , or in other words you shed layers.

I will quote one reference here though , from Occult terminology , as i believe this has particular significance .


In modern times the word "soul" is Often Confused with "spirit" , but in all ancient esoteric systems the distinction was very clear , soul was the mediator between "spirit" and "Matter" and man was viewed as a triune being with physical body and eternal spirit connected for the duration of a lifetime by "soul".
The "Psyche" of the Ancient Greeks and the "Nephesh" ( Breath Of Life ) of the Hebrews both connote to this connection , even though the terms are often translated as "Vital principles" , "Life Force" and so on .

In modern esotericism the soul is that which connects the physical body with the upper triune and may be said to consist of the Etheric body and Astral Body , both of which are eventually dissolved after death , some systems place the "Ego" as part of the mediating soul , in other words while the human "spirit" is eternal and may seek out reincarnated life , the soul itself is not ( this refers to my version of the astral body ), even though it has a longer term existence than the physical body .

The "Living Dead" or the "Sleeping Dead" of esoteric lore are those in whom the soul is not yet sufficiently activated , as a result of which they lack true humanity , the benefits afforded such a soul with the human "Monad" have not yet occurred , these are sometimes called the "soulless beings" not to be confused with "Lost Souls" , the lost souls of esoteric lore are those relatively few individuals who through a series of reincarnations , have so involuted as to have lost contact with their "Monad" , the soulless are those who still have the potential of spiritual life before them , while the lost souls have in the course of lifetimes severed the possibility of wholesome evolution , the Hebraic "Ruach" is the spirit which rests on the "Nephesh" soul.

Ok… that kind of terminology will be enough to confuse the pants off a gopher and lets face facts here , if a gopher is wearing pants , then its way beyond confused already , so let me try and clarify this a little .

Triune being ( ternary) , when the term "Ternary" is used in a spiritual context , there are usually two "Ternaries" in mind , the lower and the higher , the lower ternary consists of the physical , etheric and astral bodies , the higher ternary consists of "atma" , "buddhi" and "manas" , forming a link between these two , a chain between heaven and earth is the "Ego"

Is it just me or is this stuff getting more cryptic by the second ?


The ( Ego )...Don't confuse this with the "Psychological" term , this is the "Occult" term we're using here , the basic definition of the ego in occult terms is the part that carry's the identity , the "self" which migrates from life to life , so in other words we're talking about the soul ...the general concept of the soul..

( Spirit ) , is basically used in the same term as the "ego" , it is said the spirit belongs directly to the universal consciousness and it should not be confused with the "soul" ( in this case the mean the astral body in its general meaning )

Ok , lets wrap up the occult terms here , the problem about occult terminology is the fact that absolutely nothing is simple , they could have up to a hundred different terms , words and meanings to describe the exact same thing and you'll quite often find yourself following one term on to another and another , only after an hour or so of intensive reading to find yourself right back where you started , people didn't call Alistair Crowley the great beast because he was an evil man or some kind of monster , they called him that because he wrote crap like this and pissed everybody off !

In any case that pretty much puts us right back at the start , everybody has a view on what the "Soul" is , but we have to put into more technical terms , Don't worry I'm actually quite good at this , so if you haven't fallen asleep or died of boredom yet , sit up ...give your eye's a rub and read this .

A Soul is made of energy , now as its already been stated nobody can really tell you what kind of energy a soul is made of , but it would appear to be a rather complex form of "Living Energy" and to confuse matters even more , not only is the energy form "alive" , its sentient , it has conscious thought and a sense of will , the simple fact is this energy is beyond any scientific concept , so when it comes to actually describing this energy we don't really have anything to go on by scientific standards .

As far as science is concerned it doesn't exist and they say this because of the simple reason that they have no way to quantify or measure it , so if they cant quantify or measure it , it doesn't exist , you'll have to note the sheer arrogance of science here.

The concept of it simply being beyond them , has never actually occurred to them , or if it has , then its their dirty little secret .

Death and the Immortal soul...

As far as i know , a soul cant die or be destroyed , considering that a soul consists of energy and it's theoretically impossible to destroy energy …

We have to work on the assumption that the soul cannot be destroyed either , so death in this case is something of an alien concept to the soul , however with that said , the other forms can in a fashion "die"....no die is the wrong type of word here , do you kill your hair when you get it cut ? or your fingernails when you get a manicure ?

Considering that actual " Death" is the end of self and the end of life , i don't think it really applies to humanity at all ( As far as I know ) , when you think of the dual nature of living things , energy and matter , you may be able to destroy the "Physical Matter" but the energy remains unchanged , just freed from the confines of a physical shell .

In the use of many forms of divination , practitioners often refer to the concept of death , the classic Death card in a Tarot deck for instance , as “change” , it doesn't represent the concept of the end of life , but rather the concept of change and that's how the concept of death should be viewed .

Not as an end to life , but rather a change of life , so i think the worst thing or should that be the most damaging thing you could do to a soul is dissipate the energy over a very large area , i suppose its true when they say that there's worse fates than death..

So what happens when we die ?

In a Religious sense of the word ? depending on the life you've lived , you either go to your prescribed religions "Heaven" or "Hell" , you'll have to see your own religious texts for the details .

Practically ?...ok i could probably give you an idea here .

During NDE's ( Near Death Experience ) many people have witnessed a type of tunnel with a bright light at the end , now...before you go on , I've read about the tests and the trials , we are not talking about "tunnel vision" or a lack of oxygen and blood going to the brain here , these events and many more have been recorded by people who have quite literally been clinically dead , brain dead , dead as the proverbial doornail.

Simply put.....Dead.

I'd give a list of reports and list the documentation for both sides of the argument here...but I'll be honest , that could take months or years to do , this is how extensive the research actually is , so for this particular article it just isn't practical..

If you seriously want to look into it , you can quite easily find information online about it all.

So we have this tunnel thing , but what is it ?

Its my belief that this is a kind of "astral wormhole" , a sort of direct link between the "Physical Reality" and the "Non-Physical Reality" or to be more specific , a direct link to another dimensional space , i believe that there are many of them in fact , that make up a whole network of tunnel systems across the entire of the "multiverse" , many of the Otherkin refer to this tunnel system as the "gateways" .

What's on the other side ?..

To be honest i don't know what you would call it , heaven ? , Valhalla ? , the land of milk and honey ? , one word used to describe this place that i liked very much was " The Summerland " ( Cheer's Cats ) , i think this is a pretty good description , this Summerland , seems to resemble an almost perfect earth , green valleys and blue sky's , wondrous city's and seas so vast they defy description , some people just call it the "Astral Realm" a place of infinite possibility's and to think of it , you've been there.


When you think about it for a little while , you ask yourself the question why the hell would we ever want to leave the Summerland's and come to this place ? the earth realm ?

Some say our souls are here to learn and gain experience , its part of the "evolution of the soul" theory , we come back time and time again , we put ourselves into different situations and learn from them , look your basically asking for the meaning of life here , if you honestly want an answer I'd have to say we're here for the experience...literally! , but that's just my view from the evidence at hand .

In order for a soul to reincarnate , it has to shed the remnants of a past life , now i always considered this to be going back to our original states ( see the "Soul" above ) and going through the process of the second death .

Now this is where i got confused the last time , i considered the second death to be the shedding of the "Astral Body" , but this might not be the case , we shed the "Auric Body " that brakes the ties between the soul and the physical self , nothing has been stated that you have to shed your "Astral Body" in order to reincarnate into an new "Physical Host Body".

This would actually explain many things from a psychic / reincarnation / even Otherkin point of view , while at the same time it gives credit to the phantom wing phenomena that many otherkin experience.

lets say ...just for the sake of this article , that in a previous life , you had been shot in the knee , you went around for most of that life with a bad knee.

Your reincarnated and for some strange reason you have a bad knee , what i believe is happening is this .

You reincarnated with your previous "astral body" , the "Imprint" of that wound was left on the astral body and now your psychically or even physically picking up the impressions of that wound you received in a previous life…

Doesn't mean your going to go around the rest of eternity with a bad knee , it just means you never started off fresh with a clean or new astral body in this life , much of the information of previous lives or rather the effects of previous lives are still imprinted on it , the normal practice to deal with this is to simply acknowledge your past life , this quite often has the effect of healing or resetting the "Astral Wound" .

Its like installing a new operating system in an old computer , some of the files from the old operating system are still there , its like deleting the old files you don't need anymore .

But that still brings up questions about the soul , where does it come from for instance ?

I honestly don't know , some believe that the soul is a part of the "universal consciousness" , that would basically be the concept of " God " to you and me .

So what is God ?

I'll answer that with a simple question , " Who am i to ponder the mind of God ?"

Beyond the names we all use to refer to god , exactly how much do we actually know about him/her/it ?

The general concept of god is that of an infinite , divine being , the creator of all things and the very soul of the Uni / Multiverse , some see god as being the very essence of life itself , the sentient life essence of the Uni / Multiverse .

According to the three great monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam , god is seen as being omnipresent and the ultimate force of good in the Uni / Multiverse, in modern terminology , god is referred to as the "Universal Consciousness" and soul's in general are seen as being part of that consciousness or having been created by it , so in a sense we are quite literally "The Children Of God" , though there is another view on this , that all life is a direct extension of god or the universal consciousness and that we are little more than "tools" , constructs of the universal minds "will" , used mainly to gather information by living our lives over and over again , before we return to the source and become re-unified with god .

When it comes to the concept of "Otherkin" , well its a possibility that these are just souls from other realms of existence , they generally don't have the appearance of being "Human" in their own reality's , so their astral forms are rarely that of humanoid beings , Otherkin claim that there are many races of beings in existence and that it would be practically impossible to list them all as there are still many that are basically "Unknown" , concepts of being a Dragon for instance are supported by this idea , to put it a simply as i can , you have a Dragon shaped astral body inhabiting a human body and so because of this people often have the phantom wing effect or other similar effects .

3 ) what is meant by other realms ?

Its not as difficult as it sounds , well that's if you've ever read up on such things as theoretical physics , cosmology and black hole theory ( hey i admit it , I'm a big Stephen hawking fan ) .

When it comes to the concept of Realms , well your really talking about the Multiverse then as this is basically what the idea of many separate realms actually is ., the Multiverse is the very root of the concept of Realms.

What is the Multiverse ?

I mean what exactly "is" the multiverse ? where is it ? what's it do ? what's it made of ? that sort of thing...

You could say it’s a series of dimensions or reality's that span off into infinity .

This world or rather this "Dimension" is but one dimensional space in a possibly infinite number that reside within the Multiverse, some call this particular realm " the earth realm" , i know it makes it sound all very "Mortal Kombat" .

Many have speculated on the existence of other dimensions and there are presently many theory's doing the rounds in the scientific community's the world over , at present its " theoretical science " , though i do understand that some of the large particle accelerators or rather the science labs that own and operate them are currently doing research along the lines of "alternate dimensional spaces" , though i believe its being done on the sub atomic level ?

To be honest I’ve no idea what that means , I’m not sure of the science or the research myself as I'm not a theoretical physicist.

In any case , the concept of alternate dimensions is in-fact "sound" theoretical science , as a matter of fact i can recall that one of the labs simulated a Mini "Black Hole" only a short while back , so like i say , the science is sound , even if it is only theoretical at the moment.

The term "multiverse" was coined in December 1960, by Andy Nimmo, the "then" vice chairman of the "British Interplanetary Society", the Scottish branch i might add ...*Grins*...he termed and used it for a talk he gave to the branch on the "many worlds" interpretation of "quantum physics" an article that had been published in 1957 , the term is used to basically say that the world and therefore universe in which we live and observe on a daily basis , is only "Part" of the whole body of "Physical Reality".

In doing further research through many esoteric and even religious terms , i believe there may be in fact "Two" Multiverse's , or that the Multiverse is governed by two separate laws of reality .

I suppose you could say it has two "modes" of reality or "duality" , a positive and negative , though please don't confuse this with the concepts of good and evil .

"Physical" and "Non-physical reality's" , the laws of Time/Space being relative to the physical reality's and " Energy Vibrations and Frequency’s " being relative to the non-physical reality's.

Each physical reality , has a corresponding non-physical reality , even though all the reality's are connected as a "Whole Unit", that which we call the "Multiverse".

In Esoteric lore , these alternate reality's are often referred to as being the "Hypothetical Counterparts" , i suppose in a way what is actually being described is "Two" reality's , one consisting of "Physical Matter " and the other consisting of "Energy " or " Non-Physical Matter" , superimposed over each other , that go into making up the entire of the "Multiverse" for "our" physical reality , its corresponding non-physical reality would be that which we refer to as being the "After Life" ( Spirit world , Astral plane , Etc ), this is believed to be the place our energy forms go to ( our soul’s ) when we die here in the Physical Reality , this would indicate that each "physical" realm or reality also has its own non-physical counter reality .

The physical reality's are governed by the laws of Time/Space , though they may differ in degree's as you go from dimension to dimension.

But the laws of Time/Space don't apply to the non-physical reality's , this could also indicate that all the non-physical reality's in the multiverse are actually connected so to speak .

Considering that the laws of Time/Space don't apply to them , the barrier between reality's there would have to be something different that isn't affected by the laws of either "time" or "space" ( these don't exist in the non-physical reality's remember ) , so the next possible option here would have to be "Energy Vibrations" , think of it like this , a physical reality affects a certain amount of the surrounding area of the non-physical reality , i wouldn't so much describe it as "absorbing" it , more like "contaminating" it , as the affect seems to spread out further than the actual physical reality, pretty much acting the same as the “Auric Body “ when you think about the aspects of the Soul.

Confusing as hell , but it sort of makes a twisted kinda sense…

I mean after all we are trying to actually "define" reality itself here , ok so that's what the multiverse is , how it came to be however is another matter .

One possibility is this , If you take the "Big Bang" theory and apply it on a "Multiversal" scale , look at the normal Big Bang theory and consider every little speck of matter to be a another reality that's been broken off from the main body , But what would the main body be ?

Well the original big bang theory was never that clear on this specific part , you don't get something out of nothing , if things really did start with a bang , surely there had to be "something" to actually go bang in the first place right ?, some large body of matter or something right ?

When you apply this concept to the Multiversal big bang , I'd say it was a singular reality that went boom , perhaps a physical body that had been infused with too much energy , it became too unstable and blew up , the resulting explosion could have formed "Mini" versions of itself , little separate chunks of physical reality that became infused with energy , resulting in the creation of the multiverse , according to cosmologists and theoretical physicist this idea isn't as far fetched as it first sounds .

But to be really honest here i don't know , i think it would be around the line's of positive and negative energy's colliding together , two separate highly dense universe's , one consisting of matter and one consisting of energy , they collide and in the resulting chaos the multiverse is born , in any case things go "Boom!".

Kinda make you think of the ultimate force for good and evil colliding ..anyway.

The Big Bang happens and as a result of this , the "Multiverse" is born , the creation of an unknown ( Possibly infinite ?) number of "Dual Nature Reality's" , or in other words the "realms" and just like The Big Bang theory , “The Biggest Bang ( Multiversal big bang )” …

We could be going through a sort of "The Crunch" theory or "Gib Gnab" , but on a multiversal scale , even though the crunch theory has been disproved on a universal scale , i think it has a stronger sense when applied to a multiversal scale instead.

The original crunch theory , stated that the universe would one day stop expanding and eventually collapse in on itself , in recent years however this theory has been disproved because its been noted the universal rate of expansion is not slowing down , but rather speeding up , currently people believe that eventually the universe will dissipate altogether .

However...it was the fact that the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate that made me think of the "Crunch" theory on a "Multiversal" scale .

What if the Multiverse was reforming and universe's where being drawn to each other ?

This would explain the fact that our universe is expanding at an ever accelerating speed , not because there is more energy being forced out at the centre of the universe causing the universe's expansion to speed up , but rather that our universe is being "pulled" by a force from "Outside" our universe , possibly by other universes.

Another idea is actually black holes , in a sense black holes are a sort of state of universal decay , to put it simply , this reality is literally getting sucked down the hole , one reality seeps into another ( maybe even more than one ) thus forming a new reality , in a sense this is based on the information principle problem of black holes , one universe with a black hole cancels out another universe that doesn't have a black hole or something to that effect , just read the latest theory's on black holes if your really interested .

The "Crunch" end of this would be , now that the Multiverse actually consists of reality's that contain both energy and matter , they're starting to attract each other and form together to make a single universe that consists of both energy and matter .

The principle is the same as colliding galaxies , galaxies can collide and form an entirely new galaxy consisting of the contents of both , its theoretically possible to think that this is what's happening to the separate "Dual Nature Reality's" within the Multiverse , they're all starting to merge together , but at the end of this process , a single "unified reality" is born , consisting of both "Physical" and "Non-Physical" reality or matter...or maybe even something new ?

The truth is nobody knows and this is all just theory anyway .

considering that the Human race lives a symbiotic life , consisting of both "Physical Matter " the Human Body and "Non-Physical Matter" the Soul / Spirit / Essence of self / Energy , its really not that hard to imagine.

One thing i do feel is something of an eerie coincidence though , some kin have been known to speak of a "Unification Of Realms" a day when the so called "Vail" would come down and all the realms would be as one , now the two things you have to understand here is that in the Otherkin community's , the "scientific" concept of the multiverse is basically unknown to the majority of people there , i mean lets face it , highly complex theoretical scientific theory's are hardly the main topic of discussion .

In most cases these people know absolutely nothing about any of this stuff , the second thing is that among Otherkin themselves , some hold to a ....call it a local legend or a myth among Otherkin, that one day the realms themselves would re-unite .

I find this both compelling and strange as you could say that neither side , those who go by science and those who believe themselves to be otherkin rarely know about each other , if they actually know about each other at all , so in a sense we have this information coming from two separate and unrelated sources .

But like i say , for the most part this is just a theory.

So that basically sums up the three questions , 1) what are Otherkin , 2 ) what are "Non-Human" souls and 3 ) what are Realms .

The three fundamental principles behind the concept of Otherkin .

Big concept isn't it ? and one that isn't easy to accept on any level , yet here we have thousands upon thousands of people who not only fully believe in the concept of Otherkin , but who actually claim to be otherkin themselves .


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Re: Otherkin Defined V1.0
Holy crap I don't have the attention span for this right now >.< The bit I read was good though...Anyhow, I moved this to the articles section <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

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Re: Otherkin Defined V1.0
hehe...i was actually looking for this , my eye's ain't working right now , thanks <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->
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Re: Otherkin Defined V1.0
I have to be honest, I didn't read the whole thing. <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="Embarrassed" /><!-- s:oops: -->

I do have a suggestion or two though. Perhaps you might want to re-title this to something along the lines of "Souls and the Multiverse" or My Thoughts on Otherkin and Souls" because most of your article is in relation to souls and not all Otherkin prescribe to that particular reasoning as to why/how they're Otherkin.

I would also suggest a disclaimer that these are your particular sets of beliefs or trends that you've noticed within the Otherkin communities. Just in case a newbie comes across it so that they don't take it as the be-all and end-all of Otherkin beliefs, you know?

Other than that, very in depth and well-thought out!

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Re: Otherkin Defined V1.0
So . . . much . . . text . . . not . . . enough . . . atten--BUNNY!

Anyway, I have neither the attention span or the time to read all of this, but I WILL come back and when I finish it I shall comment.

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