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Lately, one of my newer nonhuman quirks has been made aware to me by my mate. Nearly every night this past week he keeps waking me up because I am disrupting his sleep. Apparently I have become a sleep talker- and by sleep talker I more so mean making reptile sounds in my sleep.

During the waking hours I make a lot unintentional chirps, barks, and growling sounds, but now it has escalated to following me in my sleep behaviours. Some nights I am sounding more similar to gecko/gator barks, others nights more of a low pitched growling. I don't recall dreaming while doing this, or remember much of anything. Just waking up to a very angry canine who is done listening to this dragon sleep talk.

Not to be confused with catathrenia(sleep groaning), as this isn't groaning or even whining, but straight up animal sounds. Without a better word for it, its more like an other-somniloquy. Sleep talking- but as opposed to human mumblings and words, something other. Someone who experiences other-somniloquy utters distinctly nonhuman calls whilst in their sleep. Could also apply to speaking other nonhuman languages. -if escalated to sleep walking I dare would call it being sleep-shifted as opposed to dream shifting.

I have yet to hear about anyone else having a similar experience- and would love to know if anyone else does this. Also- has anyone ever shifted in their sleep? Not dreaming as their kintype- but rather being mental shifted during sleep walking?


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2022-05-29 20:19
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RE: Other-Somniloquy
It's interesting you bring this up because a few weeks ago, my mate actually growled in his sleep.

Now, he does not identify as 'kin. We have discussed the possibility, and if he is, what that would be (likely a dog). He's prone to calling out and talking in his sleep, but human words and sounds.

So it was really interesting for me to witness him growling, dog-like, in his sleep.

I've often wondered, during a dream shift, if I make wolf or cat noises. Or even if I just make them in my sleep, sans dreams. I make them while awake, consciously and unconsciously, so it would seem likely in my sleep too.

This would be a fun experiment with a smartphone. Tongue

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2022-05-31 20:11
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