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New on this forum :D
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Kintype: Dogkin, wolfkin, catkin, foxkin, cryptidkin
Otherkin: Unsure
Gender: Nonbinary, ftm
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Exclamation New on this forum :D
Hiii I am new!
I go by Wolfë, Jake, Terrence and like 50 more names /hj
I use it/they/he/zir/ruff/meow,ftm. I am a host of a DID system & autistic
Dogkin, wolfkin, foxkin, catkin, cryptidkin!

I've never been in a place like this so uh sorry for any mistakes
2022-09-30 13:29
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Kintype: Lupine & Feline
Otherkin: Yes
Gender: chaotic good
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RE: New on this forum :D
Welcome to OKP!

I'm Elinox, the admin here and a wolf/werewolf and cat.

What made you interested in checking us out?

[Image: sGaXcqG.png]
Banner by me. If you want one too, see here.

"You're the best kind of crazy." -Murphy, The Dresden Files
2022-10-04 16:14
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