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My poems...
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My poems...
okay so i decided to put two of my poems up. ^^ I have talked to two people and both have like them. Tell me what you think. Thanks.
The darkest hour
In my darkest hours i cry alone.
the sounds of the night surround me.
Heart aches.
Mouth dry.
Will this emptiness ever leave?
Or will i suffer forever?
I let the tears stream down my cheeks.
I make no sound.
My blood drips off my wrist into the water below.
It shows bright and then disappears.
The pain relaxes me and i fall to my knees.
I drop the razor and watch it fall and splash.
I look at my wrist.
Cut and hurt.
Like me.
I should have told you.
You may still be here if I had.
I didn't.
And now you are gone.
But I will be there soon my love.
I promise.
I pick the razor back up.
Place it over my right wrists main vein.
"I love you." I whisper.
Then I pull the razor over.
The pain shoots through me like blood in my veins.
"good bye"

Gun to his head he thinks about his life.
Was it really worth it?
Was all the pain and suffering worth it?
He remembers his first friend.
Then remembers seeing him die.
He remembers the awful night he was raped.
Only 8 years old.
He remembers Christmas only a few years ago.
The phone call that killed Christmas.
He remembers his first girlfriend.
How she broke his heart.
He remembers his first under dog.
He remembers the fall.
It was all to much.
Every memory has a bad ending.
He has had enough.
He cocks the gun.
Aims at his head.
He pulls the trigger.
A week later they find him and his note.
His note read:

"Dear who ever is reading:
I have had enough.
This thing you call life.
It has hit me time and time again and i am done.
I have decided to go where i will be loved once more.

Yours Truely,



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2009-08-27 22:57
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