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Multiplicity / Median Demographics Survey
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Multiplicity / Median Demographics Survey
Multiplicity Survey ---by Tegid System

We made a survey through googledocs, with input from the folks on the #livingplural IRC channel.

We aren't sure where it belongs on this board, so... we leave it in the hands of the administration here to either move the thread to an appropriate place, or do whatever with it they please. *shrug*

We're taking the survey very seriously; it's an attempt to gauge the online population of people who are aware of multiplicity. It can be taken by singlets, too, and it has many questions which are pertinent to singlets. There are also questions pertaining to therians and otherkin.

We humbly ask members of OKP to participate, if they are at all willing, because this information could someday be useful to the plural community at large. Not too many studies get done on conditions which are believed to be rare or nonexistent, and a show of numbers would more or less prove that plurality isn't an isolated phenomenon. Proving that, it isn't too large a step to convince somebody involved in DSM to take interest in plurality. Part of the survey is a question of, 'have you been diagnosed with MPD/DID' and then 'do you believe you have MPD/DID'.

At the very least, we can show how few of us identify in either of those categories, and that might be a starting place.

Here is the link to the results spreadsheet:

Survey Results - updates in realtime

[Image: Full%2Bsystem%2Brearranged.png]
2011-11-17 8:27
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