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Most memorable Paranormal Experiences?
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Lightbulb Most memorable Paranormal Experiences?
I'm really curious to hear if anyone has very memorable, important, "real feeling", etc. paranormal experiences they'd like to share. I'm really invested in all things paranormal- I can get pretty out there. I don't have alot of access to memories in my system, so I don't know if we've encountered anything of the like., but if I remember anything, I'll update the thread!

- Dib.

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2021-06-12 19:34
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RE: Most memorable Paranormal Experiences?
There was one time that will stick with me forever it seems. The memory is so vague but the image so clear in my mind somehow. I don't even know when this was or my age when this happened.

I call him "Blue Face". Late at night, hell knows what time, I had awoken in my bed on the top bunk I shared with my younger sister. Peaking in the doorway just barely open, was a blue face half shrouded in darkness. I don't know that it looked any bit human, but it was unmistakably a face. Maybe it was only blue in hue because of the light coming the window, but the color was so striking.


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2021-06-13 1:07
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