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Look our for TV recruiter
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Look our for TV recruiter
Look out for TV recruiter

Postby Amourosa on Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:15 am
Hey OKP members, we got this post over on werelist from a PrimalB:

"I am a researcher for a documentary TV series that will air on a major network next year. (For legal reasons, we can't yet publicly name the network.) We are looking for werepeople who would be open to letting our cameras into their lives so we can tell their story (and to teach TV audiences about Therianthropy).

If anyone is up for it, message me for more information!


This was posted in a werewolf-fan forum by the same person:

My name is Cait and I am doing research for a new documentary series. We're interested in where the line between human and animal exists, and we want to tell the stories of anyone who's life might make you question this. The concept is very new, and we're just getting started, so I'm just reaching out to people to see if they are interested in chatting about the subject. I'm sorry for messaging you out of the blue like this, I just found you randomly and thought I'd see if you're interested.

At this point I'm just researching, and trying to get a sense of the different communities that are out there, what's important to them, how they feel about media exposure, bad press they've received in the past, and things like that.

We're interested in a huge variety of topics right now, and we're trying not to narrow things down yet. Werewolves and other Were animals, Furries, Therians, etc, people who live like animals in unique ways. We want to build an outlet to explain these things and what they mean to the people who live the lifestyle. We're not going into the realm of fetish, but more interested in animalistic behaviors or beliefs that are a part of everyday life.
Anyways, I hope you don't mind the random message, just thought I'd say hey, and if you're interested great and if not I totally understand.
Happy to answer any questions/concerns you might have.
Many thanks!
Cait aka EAOResearcher

an animal RPG forum:

Casting PEOPLE WITH EXTREME ANIMAL BEHAVIORS for a new documentary-style cable television series.
Do you know someone who:

- Looks like animal?
- Lives like an animal?
- Acts like an animal?

Nothing is too bizarre. Some stories we have explored are: a man who altered himself to look like a lizard, a man living in a dog house, a woman who breastfeeds puppies.

We are interested in ANY animal obsession or behavior.

(Quotes courtesy of Sonne Spiritwind from werelist)

This person goes by "Primal_B," "myanimalobsession" and "EAOresearcher" and I would exercise extreme caution before accepting any offers or giving any information to this person.

Be safe.

Admins: please let me know if I should repost this somewhere else on OKP or if it should have been in a different area. Thanks!

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2011-10-16 7:19
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Re: Look our for TV recruiter
Thanks for the heads up. And I'll leave it here in the media section, since it's media-related.

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2011-10-17 15:56
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