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I awakened more!!! If anyone wants to read ^^~
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I awakened more!!! If anyone wants to read ^^~
I'm so freaking happy, I awakened recently and I now for a fact I have phantom limb Cat ears and tail. XDDD I'm extatic.... Their black with white tips, both tail and ears. my ears around 3 feet tall tail is 2 feet..... to my ankles, and I can move them around! Thanks to [url=http://otherkinphenomena.org/main/display_article.php?id=14]this article[url] on this site.

My friend who I recently moved in with ends up to be a Death Wolf Otherkin.... (not to self: I need to get him on this site). ;X apparently death wolfs have shikigami eye's.... they can see everything non-human site can see... my Astral form and he can see all my incubus/succubus friends and their alters. (kinda annoying, we don't like being seen) But I asked him if he could see ears and a tail on me he said yes. I put my ears back like a cat does and I asked how him what position i had them in, he said back. I moved my tail to point straight up and asked, he said my tail was straight up..... He can seriously see them.

I mentioned Astral, if you don't know what that is. V read

Another subject. Astral, I can astral cuddle people I care about and they feel it. When they feel me cuddle them its , I've met an incubus who cuddles me and he feels like he's actually here holding me close to him.... it's amazing <3. I used to be able to do this but recently it's become a lot easier to do. I'm assuming this "astral cuddling" is possible because of a succubus/incubus otherkin itself.

I love holding my baby.... <3

uhm i'll post more if i can think of more.
2012-07-04 23:50
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