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Hello from a polytherian/polykin
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vampiric mongoose-cat
Kintype: cat, horse, mongoose, theropod, vampirekin
Otherkin: Yes
Gender: nonhuman female
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Hello from a polytherian/polykin
It's funny that I was just thinking about this forum a few days ago and was going to look to see if it was still around and active and happened across a mention of it on Werelist about it being brought back by Elinox, which I'm glad to see it's being essentially revived. I was expecting it to be a whole new forum only to find out that it still has the users and posts/threads from years ago (I was pleasantly surprised to find out my account still existed here).

Anyway, to the intro stuff.

I'm Sonne, or Sonne Spiritwind (for a 'full name'), she/her pronouns & female-ish identified (more technically, I see myself as having a nonhuman female gender). I have 5 therio-/'kintypes: domestic short-haired cat, domestic warmblood horse, mongoose, feathered maniraptoran theropod (an erdenvogel, as I call it), and fictional humanoid vampire (which I call a blutpir)--not to be confused with psi/sang vampirism since I identify as an actual fictional vampire in an otherkin-sense.

My entrance into the therian and 'kin communities was early 2005 and I have hosted my own website with my animality/'kin writings (The Sanctuary) since a few years after that, worked as helpstaff on Werelist (am sort of getting back into that again), helped contribute to and develop the therianthropy resource Project Shift, and am working on a new project called Radiant Obscurities for writings/content of a diversity of uncommon & rare 'types in the therian/otherkin/alterhuman communities (just launched the site officially today, actually). If anyone wants links to my site, Project Shift, or Radiant Obscurities, let me know & I'll add them here. Due to chronic depression issues, I've been gone from the communities for the most part for several years but am finally back to spending time in them & personal writing again thanks to a proper combo of psych meds.

I've never really felt like the term "awakening" fit me, it was more so me happening to wander across the concept of therians/otherkin via animal guide related stuff on a journal site back in late 2004/early '05 and realizing that the definitions for such seemed to fit me.
However, I don't think my otherkinity really dates back much to my childhood to any meaningful extent prior to about 11 years old.

Due to the importance and extent of my personal animality, I have found more commonality in therian community spaces rather than otherkin, but I have spent a notable amount of time lurking and to some extent participating in otherkin-specific spaces over the years. I'm fairly comfortable on otherkin-focused sites that have sections for therians and animality stuff.

Beyond my otherkinity, I'm a visual artist (have a DeviantArt gallery for most of it), enjoy playing some video games--especially ARK: Survival Evolved--, and spiritually am an agnostic polytheist who works with animal guides (I'm trying to veer away from using the term "totemism" anymore), even though that's mostly been on hold for multiple years due to depression, but I'm hoping to soon get back into working with them actively again.

I'll probably be mainly a lurker on here, as I am in most places (I think I talk the most on my main Tumblr blog anymore, honestly), yet will pop in and say something when I feel I have something to add.

My therianthropy and spiritual writings: [Image: 07sanctuary_sig.gif]
Poly'kin of: mongoose, domestic cat, domestic horse, winged theropod (erdenvogel), and vampire'kin (blutpir) [not a pranic nor sang kind of vampire]
2021-04-27 1:56
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