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Hello everyone.
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Kintype: ghost wolf
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Hello everyone.
I first came to TG because there is a wolf in my psyche. Thing is though... the wolf is dead. A ghost. I listed as my theriotype an extinct subspecies, the southern Rocky Mountain wolf, which used to inhabit the mountains where I had my first "awakening" over 25 years ago.

I relate to therians but I'm not exactly therian. Maybe I relate to otherkin in a way too. I found the shadow article here at OKP awhile back and was surprised how much I relate. I tell myself and others that I don't believe in magic. I wonder if it's actually true though. Maybe I'm blocking it. Maybe it's an unnecessary distraction. I don't know for sure.

When @DustWolf announced plans to rebuild this site I was pretty excited. Now I'm here.
2021-04-27 4:30
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