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Having a Name for What You Are
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Having a Name for What You Are
How do/did you feel about finding a name for what you are?

I personally can't live with the "I just am what I am" thing (even though it's probably more accurate than any other description). I felt a lot better after I started using the label, otherkin (which is pretty recently). It still bothers me that I don't have a name for my kintype.

In general, it bothers me that I can't have a detailed explanation for everything, but that's just how it is.

As of now, I feel closer to "otherkin" than any label I've ever had (races, genders, religions, jobs, etc).

(If anyone's curious what my PFP is, I had a dream I saw mother nature once & she looked like this.)
2022-11-17 5:22
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RE: Having a Name for What You Are
Before I found the terminology, I just always figured I was "weird". But once I did, it helped all my experiences make sense to me.

I'm an organized sort of person, so being able to use the proper terms and words is important to me.

Granted, without words like "therian" or "otherkin" I'd still be "that weird person" but still. I think the terms, when used properly, are really useful and important.

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2022-11-18 16:23
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