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Hey Guys, Guess what?

Rau placed second in his countywide writing contest! :3 Here's the story; hope you all like.

Damn, I love undertones nobody irl will get. <!-- sBig Grin --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- sBig Grin -->
Darkness. He wandered through it, searching for something that seemed to be just as ethereal as the gray mist that seemed to surround him. He couldn’t remember what his goal was; it was as if his mind had been scrubbed clean. The pristine white marble floor below him seemed to stretch out for eternity. He wandered directionless in this void of white and grey, longing for something, but not knowing what it was. His heart and soul pained with the agony of knowing that something was missing, and the anguish of not knowing what.
He wandered in this realm of mystery for what seemed to be days, weeks, months! He longed to know what he was searching for. One moment shifted to the next, and he found himself staring into the eyes of what was only myth to him – a dragon. Slack jawed, he tried to muster up the courage to move, to run, to escape. And yet, as much as his mind willed it, he seemed rooted to the spot. After a moment of eternity, he finally babbled out one question: “Who are you?”
“I am you. Not that silly bastion of flesh you call a body, but the true you. You’ve come of age, and so I felt it was a good time to meet. I warn you, this is only the beginning to your journey of truth. I have little time, and so, I must go. Search for me.”
And laughing softly with a sound that the boy would never have expected from such a bestial creature, he vanished into the mists.
Darnell woke up in a cold sweat. His short, blonde hair plastered to his pale skin. He had been dreaming, and he felt that he needed to know something…but alas, as always, the content of his dream eluded him. It was a blessing in and of itself, since he was sure that his dreams would terrify him; leaving them a mystery was highly preferable to facing the horrors that his subconscious mind could create.
As usual, he pulled himself out of bed and got dressed. School was a burden that he would have to shoulder for the time being. He was less than a year away from graduation, and had just turned 17. Life was good, for the moment. He took to breakfast like a starved weasel, and rushed out the door to get to the bus. After a wait of about 5 minutes, the bus pulled up with an expulsion of sulfurous fumes. He rushed on and sat down.
He had nothing to do on the bus, so he let his mind wander. He had been terrified when he woke up, as per quota, but he felt like there was something else in the dream that he needed to know. It was still gnawing at his brain when he pulled up to school, and he dismissed the thought as he rushed to his locker – He had school to attend to, not his own mind.
By the time school let out, Darnell was tired, hungry, and utterly confused. His last class, psychology, was a favorite of his, but it tended to get him thinking about odd subjects. Today’s discussion had been on Freud’s and Jung’s differing theories on dream interpretation. He grew tired of Freud’s insistence on sexual connotations, and instead listened more to the Jung side of debate. The more he thought about it, the more his thoughts slipped back to last night’s dream. What was it that nagged him so much?
As he walked in the door, he shed his backpack and jacket and decided to go for a walk in the woods. It was a nice exercise to clear his head after too much thought or if something was nagging him. As he weaved his way through the trees, he found himself led not by his mind, but by his body, as if it knew where it was going, even if his mind didn’t.
He arrived at a clearing. It was a small one, about 10 feet around, but in the center was a large boulder. Gray, with black and white motes, it reminded him of the granite samples he had seen earlier that day. He wandered closer, and felt a presence in his head. He heard thoughts in his head, voices that weren’t his, yet oddly familiar.
“Well, well. It seems you took my advice, and searched.”
“Who are you? What are you? Why do you want me here?”
“You don’t remember last night? Pity. Ah well, A bit of work is better that a lot, I suppose.”
“But I don’t want to rememb-”
Suddenly, Darnell’s mind was flooded with memories of the night. It was a new, foreign experience, but pleasurable. It was not nearly as horrific as he had imagined, just…lonely.
“So…you’re me?”
“Truly. It took you long enough to notice. You’re the first of a new world, Mathrix.”
“Mathrix? Is that…my name? And yours?”
“One and the same, small hatchling. Come touch the stone, and be yourself once more.”
Darnell stumbled toward the stone, and reached out to touch it. Just before he could, He felt a presence around him. It wasn’t just him, not the new dragon. He felt others – Elves, Angels, Demons, Werewolves, Vampires, all the creatures seemingly of legend, calling to him, with a slow, alluring song. An ethereal melody the likes of which he had never heard seemed to call to him, saying one thing: “Hatch, young one.”
He placed his hands on the stone. The warmth of it surprised him.
Darnell, the human, vanished from Earth, never to be seen again.
The dragon’s egg split open, and out crawled a small, wet, and very awkward dragon hatchling.
Darnell, or rather, Mathrix, opened his eyes. The world seemed…different. This wasn’t earth. It was a new place. He finally knew what was missing – It was himself. Being a dragon felt so…“right” when compared to his human life. It had all been the dreams of a hatchling.

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2008-01-12 3:44
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