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Freyja Chant (Miniar Singing)
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Freyja Chant (Miniar Singing)

Translation (from Swedish);
Freyja Freyja come to us
Freyja Freyja Vana-maiden
We call upon your might
Come here to us
Freyja we're calling, calling for you.

Recoded out of boredom (and played with it through the mac's garage band for a while), combined with the sudden realization that in 2 weeks I'm going to Reykjavík for my testosterone, which means, I will loose my upper register soon and won't be able to sing that way for much longer.
I will mourn the loss of song for a little bit.

I'll learn to sing again, once the voice stables out, but it'll take at least 2 years before I'll be able to.

Anyways, enjoy... (and give feedback plz)

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"Those who can't approach discussion with a basic level of intelligence and maturity shouldn't expect to be taken seriously." ~ Qualia Soup
2009-11-03 22:58
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