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For The Fallen...
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For The Fallen...
A poem for articles, it relates to war and elvenkin.

Quote:----For the fallen...----

Bloodshed has been spilt...
Life has been lost to the foul undead...
Light is yet to shine again...
The sun has set on the fallen...
Yet the moon rises and lifts our souls in sadness

Darkness of death take these poor lost souls of elven kind and lay them to rest
Guide them to eternal rest and slumber
Give warriors a warriors welcome in the final resting place
Let the sorceror's find peace in the halls of knowledge
let noble blood rest in halls of bliss

Let evil rot in the dark depths of the abyss were they belong.
Let light bring souls back to the living again.
The circle of life and death forever spinning its web...
Let it show us the way of sadness and hope...

Show the way for the fallen who fell in that fateful war...
Let the undead rest once and for all...
2008-01-11 1:06
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