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Dreams! Yay!
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Dreams! Yay!
These dreams happened awhile back but they still stand out pretty clearly in mind but I copied and pasted this from the original site I posted this on.

First one:

I was his slave, but a willing slave. I ran a hand over his dark belly and chest, feeling the muscle beneath my fingertips. My hand looked so delicate and pale compared to him, something I marveled at. He whispered something, looking up at me with dark eyes.

[ edited for content--stuff happened that's rate R ]

I stared out at the ornate garden, loving the statues of angels that could be seen among the intricate hedges. The niche in the wall that made His bed was easily visible; it was arched like a a gothic window and an arnate painting hung on the back of the niche. The painting showed a garden with a cross in the middle of it and seemed to bear significance, at least for Him.

"Find 6,000 dollars and you can leave him," a woman said to me one night.

"6,000?" I asked, tasting the possible freedom--however unwilling it would be.

A scream echoed across the garden as He lifted himself up onto his goat legs. He had screamed my name, but I could not remember what he had called me. There was so much anguish in the scream, but I kept running after the woman.


We scratched off the tickets, smiling when we saw the WIN symbol. Before we left, I had to find a symbol to keep Him away while went to get the money. I found a bracelet that had the Hand of God and the Hand of Man reaching out to each other on it. It seemed a fitting symbol for my dog, but someone said it was broken so I need to just find one for me. I searched for a St. Francis of Assisi medallion, but only found a St. Chant_______ medallion. My mom then handed me a golden necklace on which hung a small figure of a man in monk's robes. He was kneeling with his hands open and doves were resting along his arms and sitting in his hands; one was even perched on his. I reached for the medallion...

Second dream:

[Injured, the Archangel Gabriel fled into the stone until he was needed again]. He had fled into a sandy colored stone that lay on a shelf with several other stones that looked just like it, to be protected. His wings were large and white and he was wearing a blue robe that flared behind him as he fled.

I stared at a painting of a golden haired man, who looked sickly and as if he didn't have much longer to live. He lay on his side, eyes shut as if in sleep. As I watched, he slowly opened his eyes and began to roll over onto his back. As he rolled over, he seemed to gain life with the tiniest of movements. His golden grew vibrant and began to glow. His eyes were a dark blue and his wings were neatly folded behind him, almost blending in with the white sheets of the bed. His body grew thicker with muscle and I could see the outline of his muscles on his belly and chest. He stopped rolling over and he was now lying on his back, looking over his shoulder at the behind the bed. He was pointing a finger at the window, wanting me to follow where ever he was pointing.


I grabbed the stone that housed Gabriel and fled to the other side of the room as a monstrous roach came scuttling through the door. I had to keep Gabriel safe--he wasn't ready to fight Lucifer yet. Someone whispered that I needed to cut off the roach's head and destroy the brain to get rid of Lucifer. I grabbed a pair of scissors that had been lying on the bedside table, still clutching the stone in my other hand. The roach ran at me and I began to stab it repeatedly until I was able to get through the casing that housed it's brain. Dark red blood squirted out of the head and brain as I began to slice into it, not wanting the roach to get any closer.

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2010-01-02 2:03
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