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Here's just a few dreams of mine that stand out very much to me:

Dream 1
In the beginning, I locked Rudolph into a large wooden crate and wrapped chains around it. A year passed and I forgot about Rudolph. I ran down the stairs to open presents on Christmas day and say the crate. I unlocked it and Rudolph jumped out at me. His front legs were splayed and his eyes glowed a fierce red and he had fangs sprouting from his mouth. I screamed and woke up.

Dream 2

I raced through the green halls of the hospital, Marius and Armand following me with Louis. The halls twisted and turned in sharp angles, causing me to slide slightly as I turned the corners.

"Lestat!" someone shouted at me, but I continued running. I didn't know where I was going, only that I had to get there soon. I raced into an elevator and the others piled in after me. The elevator then began to move.

Once the elevator stopped, we burst into an empty barn. Marius stepped off of the ledge and landed lightly on the dirt ground. I followed and we ran to an empty pain shaker. He slit his wrist to pour blood into the shaker and began to stir it, the crimson of the blood staining the rusty bowl.

"We need more blood to make a baby..." I whispered and slit my own wrist to add my own blood with his.

Dream 3

The person slammed a knife into my side and I crumpled to the ground at the edge of the alleyway, pain flashing through my body, as the person ran away. I looked up, clutching my side, to see three cops climbing out of a cop car and laughing at me. I reached out to them for help and they laughed harder before walking into the building, one even picked up a stray puppy to show that the puppy was more important than me before walking into the building. I managed to scramble to my fit, wincing. I staggered into the building and pulled up my shirt to show them the wound: a neat cut with blue, green, and purple streaks running out of it along my pale skin.

Dream 4

I pulled the man after me, holding his black gloved hand. I raced him towards a large building into which people were trying to run into, and out of which people were leaving. Their steam rose high in the air from their labored breathing. I quickly found a man wearing a dark blue and read uniform with a gray cloak fastened at his throat. His uniform and cloak were thick and probably padded with fur. His hair was cropped short in the Russian style and was a gray so light it was almost white. His eyes were a piercing blue and immediately found me. He held out a hand to me, beckoning for me to follow me into the building.

"It's alright, I've got you," he said, letting me know I would be alright and that the black clad guards of the building wouldn't harm me.

Suddenly I was pushing a shopping cart and looking into various rooms to hide with the two men. I looked into one of the white rooms and saw a dark mass before suddenly waking up.

(Every time I remember the man's words and tone, I feel like crying)


Well, those are my most memorable dreams and they go in order from oldest to newest. The oldest is about 7 years old and the newest is about a month old.

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2009-02-17 0:51
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Re: Dreams
There was some coming-of-age ceremony in this town. All the people who had come of age that year were put in a box at the middle of town for the whole night and they could either stay in the box or leave the town. I was one of those being put in the box that night. I asked some questions of one of the elders because I was worried. I asked if we would be given any light source, and he said we could bring something if we wanted but we wouldn't be given anything. I also asked if my necklaces, which I actually own and wear daily, would be ok. He told me that it would attract the beasts and that I should leave them for my own safety and that of the others. I didn't, because they mean a lot to me.

So as night came, I and the others were put into the box and fastened in. The "beasts" were demon dogs that came the same night each year and preyed on those who came of age or those who helped them. They could not abide bright light. But silver attracted them and they were everywhere. I was the person who decided to leave the box, get to a "safe" area and leave town. I had a bright key chain light, which I also actually own, so that helped to keep them at bay, and I managed to get to the safe point. and get a ticket onto a plane at some airport.

However, no one could tell me which way to go to get to the air port, nor could they even tell me which stores were still open. So I made my way to my* house. Somehow I got there without assistance, and got up to my* room, which was brightly lit and a friend of mine irl and Hiei, from an anime called Yu Yu Hakusho, were hanging out there. This really comforted me so I fell asleep with the lights on after talking a bit and Hiei agreeing to keep the demon hounds away.


* Mine in this dream, not irl

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2009-02-17 23:03
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