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DreamWidth invite-free account creation week
House Hesson
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DreamWidth invite-free account creation week
If anyone is interested, February 21-28 is free account creation week at DreamWidth, the LiveJournal alternative we're hooked on. (No ads, friendly to fandom, LGBT's, and neurodiversity - including the staff being cool with plurals.) During that week you can go to dreamwidth.org and use the regular account creation link. If the growth is sustainable and there's no sharp uptick in spam accounts, they plan to do it on a regular basis.


"All knowledge is worth having." -Phedre no Delaunay

"Everything has a price." -Jaenelle Angelline

"I think if you try, that's being your best." -Echo
2011-02-10 16:55
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Re: DreamWidth invite-free account creation week
Ah cool. Thanks a bunch for the heads-up. We like our livejournal account but having a DreamWidth to stay connected to people who are over there also or completely only could be nice.

- Earth Listener
2011-02-11 0:47
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