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Dimensional Dream
Seric Phriam
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Dimensional Dream
I had an interesting dream last night. I was my kin type, but could shape shift to look like a human. Now, if you don't know what my kin type is like, it's a hollow (lacks organs completely), glass-like (seems to be inorganic) dragon, and seems to be able to change color and shape. Well in this dream it was able to move between dimensions/universes. There were many parallel universes in this dream. I do remember the details, but there were so many worlds and people that it would be confusing to talk about all of them. The basic idea was that there were infinite universes, and in some fictional characters were real people, but that isn't really important. I seemed to be able to shift between these worlds. If you have read Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, this would probably be a lot easier to understand, as it was a bit like that (although I didn't notice it at the time). Except I think I could go to worlds at will, and choose when and where to show up, and which one to show up in. I could also make only part of myself show up. I also seemed to be able to 'absorb' people/creatures/spirits, and they would become head mates. I did this at one point to save the life of a girl, she was being attacked by a bunch of people (she had been in hiding) and I saw this through some kind of barrier between worlds, and pushed my snout through to grab her; all the other people could see was my mouth, and then she vanished, along with my mouth. There was also I time when I was hiding out (a little before that last thing happened) in a cave. There was a small fox there, who seemed to be intelligent along with the rest of the animals in that world. He would walk right up to me, and stare. I would offer my hand and he would high five it. XD He seemed able to understand words very clearly. There was one time when I had to absorb a really bad guy to restrain him. I do not know if I could then turn into what was absorbed, but it seems likely, considering other dreams I have had. Those two examples above are not current head mates. If they ever were head mates, they're long gone. It was a very interesting dream... and very vivid. It was one of those where you think it's real. One of the worlds in the dream is the one I live in now. There was a lot of switching though. When I would rapidly switch between worlds/dimensions I would have a weird twisting sensation on my body, but it wasn't painful, and no, it looked and felt nothing like apparting in Harry Potter. Actually... now that I think about it, I could turn into those absorbed. The first world I was in was the world of Golden Sun, and I had absorbed a character and disguised myself as them. For most of the head mates though, I only took them in if we really cared for each other or if we had no other option. Again, I did not see any of my actual head mates. Hmm... the dream was so long and changed worlds so frequently I'm not sure I could really write it in a way that would make sense... I hope this did, though. Before going to sleep that night, I prayed to God for understanding about my multiplicity (and my kin type). I think this may have been trying to explain it to me. Please, ask any questions, and has anyone heard of anything similar to this?

I forgot to mention, this ability seems to be more like a survival tactic than a superpower.
2012-07-13 22:18
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