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Question Demographics?
I'm curious about the demographics of the otherkin community. I'm sure there's plenty of diversity, but curious if there are any "mostly"s.

These are my observations so far. Let me know if you have a different observation. (Or if you know how to post polls, that'd be great too). Feel free to share your own demographics if you feel comfortable (no pressure). ball cat

(So far, I see a very wide range of ages with no specific "most common age group")

(So far, I see a lot of gender fluid/ agender/ etc.)

Physically male/female/other?
(I don't have much info for this, but so far, I see more physically female/ born female)

(I don't have much info for this, but from what little I've seen so far, a lot have bachelors or masters degrees)

(I don't have much info for this, but from what little I've seen so far, I see a lot of work with animals)

(I have no idea)

(I see a large variety, plus this is probably an ever-evolving thing)

(If anyone's curious what my PFP is, I had a dream I saw mother nature once & she looked like this.)
2022-11-17 16:44
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RE: Demographics?
(2022-11-17 16:44)Rixem Wrote:  Age?

Mostly young folks, between ages 13-21.

Rixem Wrote:Gender?/Physically male/female/other?

I think some of the polls done on the community say there's a higher percentage of female members.

Rixem Wrote:Education?

High School/Primary and College/University mostly.

Rixem Wrote:Occupation?

Given the nature that most users are under 30 years old, "occupation" is mostly that of student.

Rixem Wrote:Location?


Rixem Wrote:Kintype?

By far the most common theriotype is wolf. Years ago, when I was first active in the online 'kin communities, the most common 'kintype was angelic/celestial.

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2022-11-18 15:50
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