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Clinical Lycanthropy vs. Therianthropy
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Clinical Lycanthropy vs. Therianthropy
This is utterly Tumblr inspired. I found a post on there stating:

Quote:But therianthropy includes any individual who identifies as nonhuman or more than human. This includes people with clinical lycanthropy as they do in fact identify as nonhuman. It’s only psychological. Therianthropy is a unique experience to every therian, and therianthropy, in turn, cannot have a narrow definition. This definition includes the vast majority of all therians, and I’ve consulted with many other (500+) therians who agree.

So what's your stance? Is clinical lycanthropy a form of therianthropy? Are the two even related?

If you ask me, Clinical Lycanthropy has zip to do with therianthropy (outside of relating to the dictionary definition which is not related to how we're utilizing the term to mean "people who identify as earthly animals"). Clinical Lycanthropy is a psychiatric condition where the individual is suffering from delusions that they are turning into or can transform into a non-human animal, most commonly a wolf. Clinical Lycanthropy is a diagnosis, a delusional state, not an identity. You don't identify as a Clinical Lycanthrope, you are diagnosed as such because you suffer from the delusions that you are turning into an animal on a physical level. Therians, on the other hand, simply identify as non-human animals while acknowledging that they are physically human and not believing in things that have been proven otherwise (the definition of "delusion" being "a belief held in the face of evidence to the contrary"). This person on Tumblr seriously annoyed me (and if you follow me on there, I'm sure you've seen the conversation on your Dash).

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2014-08-24 15:50
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