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Chains/Broken Chains (Please comment/critique)
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Jonin and Spirit Walker
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Chains/Broken Chains (Please comment/critique)

The weight of the bonds
I felt them growing heavier each day
The wrists of my soul were bound
I believed that there was nothing I could do or say

Demons in human clothing
Masters of torture and suppression of the soul,
Destructively adding link after weighted link with no second thinking
Making my free living soul a slave to their toil.

Tension builds, patience wears thin
Passion resisting and fighting back to the will of these demons to little avail.
To me, all hope of breaking free seems to be in a forgotten bin.
Passage of time drags on day to day, his uniqueness falling to a twisted peace behind a veil.

Words are heard, coming from the shadows
A soft tone, slow and precise, as if on a mission.
What demons are these? They hear none of the words through their laughing throws.
The words began as "Peace is a lie, there is only passion."

Broken Chains (The poem that is linked with Chains)

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion"
My soul tightens as a spark is born.
My mind grew in realization that I had a mission
Mission...a mission to be free, to take the demons by the horns.

"Through passion, I gain strength" came to me
The voice was attempting to inspire a reaction.
My soul pulled against the chains, the links holding steady.
My body could feel the surge of passion fueling my soul in ways I had no recollection.

"Through strength, I gain power" found my eager ears.
Something changed in the chains, but what?
The links...they were yeilding, creaking as if the chains were aged from years.
Somehow...some way, hope had been recovered from the bin that was shut.

"Through power, I gain victory"
The voice sounded with a motivational tone
The demonic torturers were enraged, but powerless to stop me.
those chains...those bonds of impending doom broke as if they were thin bone.

The demons faded to nothing as a blue ethereal woman appeared.
I knew this woman and the words she would say, but I spoke.
"Through victory, my chains are broken," I say through hot, joyous tears.
She comes behind me speaking "The Force shall free me"as she puts on me a black cloak.

"Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power."
-Lao Tzu

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2008-01-12 3:10
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