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Celestial Ponderings
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Celestial Ponderings
I've spent the last few months hanging out with 'the community' after being alone on this subject for most of my life. So I've given things more direct thought than I had previously. What does it mean to be Otherkin or Celestial/Angelic anyway? I could say that my spirit is that of a divinely created and inspired energetic being, that the essence of this being is the core of who I am. But in the context of some spiritual schools of thought, the reply would be, "Who cares? Isn't everyone?" If every living being is an expression of divinity, and contains that which is the divine spark within, that means I'm not special at all, at least not different from anyone else. We are all gods, or at least, one of the many faces of God. I guess you could say that the only difference between me and an 'ordinary' human is that I'm more aware of this connection than most.

But how can I say this when there is so much suffering in the world? Simple, my God isn't a god of love. My god is every thing and every one. My God is the unending multitude of experience and the timeless unity of the One. There are no degrees of greater or lesser, no division of holy or profane. All experience is valid, has value. All that said, I am this shape and no other. I believe when others doubt. I have faith, and I have a genuine love for humanity even with its many flaws. These 'good' traits might have me thinking divine thoughts, but then it turns around to note that divinity isn't found only here. My 'goodness' is not of my own design. I can take no credit for possessing it. I could have just as easily been born with some other spark inside me.

So I've been approaching this from the perspective of the timeless energetic, spiritual self. That's not the only layer within. I also contain the animal. Wisdom doesn't just come from the spirit. It also resides in the flesh. In the world of instinct and survival. I growl, yelp and hiss with the best of them. I sit on high places and watch every movement and listen for every sound. What need do angels have for this phantom flesh? They don't need wings to fly, or pointed teeth, or sharp talons.They don't need to spread their wings to shield what is theirs or to appear as a bigger threat. Only physical beings need these things. Maybe this divine spark once walked, or flew, among the animals. Or maybe the human body remembers more than we realize from those innumerable genetic combinations which are not as tidy and treelike as once thought.

Do we do humans a disservice by denying their divine spark or their instinctual past? Maybe they do themselves a disservice by not being aware of their potential. So many people live inside their heads without giving thought to the spirit or the flesh. Are we Other? Or are we just Aware? I'm not going to deny either possibility. Am I a human dreaming that it is an angel? Or an angel dreaming that it is a human?

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"I inherited the spirit of the sun. I'll meet you when the day breaks through. It's time to shine and make all your dreams come true. Come on, wish upon a dog star!" -Hybrid
2009-02-05 6:05
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