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Carnivours horses
Syraphin Faelad
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Carnivours horses
To save confusion I'm a new alter called Rainar and I'm a carnivours horse.
I wanted to post this to see if there were any others out there like me; or if any one knew of any particular species of predator horses.

I get a lot of body dysphoria particularly with the upright position of the body. And human legs are bizarre. I have a long tail thats relatively nimble unlike a normal equine. Most of my body is built like a heavy horse aside from the tail, jaw and three hornes on my head.

Which leads me onto horses in mythology. There are quite a few accounts of meat eating or man-eating horses particularly in European folklore. The kelpie and its relations, the mares of diomedies and I think I came across one or two in native American folklore. Yet the descriptions range from normal horses to shapshifters to hybrid creatures with equine features.

Does anyone know of any stories or types of horses that could fit my description?

2021-04-30 0:15
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RE: Carnivours horses
There are the mares of Diomedes, from the Greek myth about Hercules.

Here's the wiki link, maybe it will give you some useful info.

[Image: sGaXcqG.png]
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2021-05-04 0:13
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