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Call for Cover Art
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Call for Cover Art
The Under the Skin: Therian Community Voices project is nearing its completion! (For new folks, information on the project can be found here). We have around thirty essays from twenty-two authors and our committee has put in hours of work organizing, editing and coordinating.

We would like to call upon the community again to submit work: not writing this time, but visual art. We are looking for an image for the cover of this collection. We know there are plenty of talented artists in our community and we would welcome anyone to submit work that they feel would best represent a collection of personal essays from the therian community.

Please submit a link to a high-resolution image on this thread by September 15th. We'll then have a vote by the community for the best cover. If there are not a lot of submissions, the project committee will choose whichever submission we feel best fits the project.

We all look forward to seeing the work you submit and to the completion of this community project!

[Image: sGaXcqG.png]
Banner by me. If you want one too, see here.

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2014-08-13 20:43
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