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Breath weapons
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Breath weapons
Do you have a breath weapon? and if yes do you ever try to use it?

My breath weapon is similar to a glowing mist.
I often try to use it against my siblings when they're bothering me, but it just sounds like I'm hissing like a cat; though it feels different from hissing.

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2021-05-10 12:39
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RE: Breath weapons
Very interesting question!

While I'm not a dragon, or another type of creature that would have a breath weapon, if I were, I assume it would be something water-related.

That said, I wonder how common the stereotypical fire is for dragonkin?

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2021-05-11 0:14
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RE: Breath weapons
My breath "weapon" isn't always considered a weapon, so I would more simply call it my dragons breath. As an astral being my element is aether, and this is the energy that makes up my dragon breath.

It can be used for defense or attack like most dragons breath is traditionally used, but also to breathe life into things and for healing.

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2021-05-11 12:52
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