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Balance poem.
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Balance poem.
I thought i'd put this up here. It was a genuine journal post which I read back and realised it worked as a nice poem -

As the depth of darkness fills the heart of things the sun rises to shine upon the masks. The moonlight sends skittish fears scurrying to the extremities as reality forges forwards pushing the masks into positive minds.

All is in balance as karma comes back full circle. Torn between sun and moon, embracing the darkness and dancing under the soft light.A merry dance of facades and glamour. The shadows circle round in joyful glee while roles are fulfilled in hidden depths far from comprehension.

Secrets arc and form, crashing truths are buried under cool exteriors and clever tricks. Paws tread lightly as the blade edge becomes ever sharper, the stakes increase. A smirk darting across a proud face as all falls into place.

All for the sake of balance. The pain and sacrafice go unnoticed thanks to hardened smiles. Pushed back to give honour and time to the duties at hand. The time will come when balance will be returned. The pain will be forgiven and turn to peaceful joy. Until then, cool, calm masks and glamour push harder to suceed.

There is no more denial. Acceptance reigns true through long lived strength and determination. The full weight to all which much be done is carried with pride. The flame of hope will shine bright and unwavering through even the deepest depths of darkness. All will happen as it must. Balance shall be returned.

I am everything, I am nothing, I am balance.
2010-07-12 20:05
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