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Another dream!
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Another dream!
By popular demand! This one from a few years ago:

Recurring nightmare I haven't had in years. In the first intro sequence, I am an adult, living in a normal city. But, there are some kind of aliens or evil government agents with mind-reading powers, so everyone is pretty much terrified that they will be picked out as enemies of the state and taken away and tortured. Anyone who is different at all, anyone who doesn't tow the line, is in danger.

Someone has a dog - maybe some kind of smallish mastiff? - that she needs to hide in a place like a priest-hole, because she knows if the authorities find she has a pet, they will take it away and torture it until it is dead.

Anyway, I'm with my mother, and we are going through a kind of basement place - it's small though, more like a hiding hole. My mother says the things inside we left by my father. It's mainly strange religious things - small mummies and little idols - and some seem to be missing. When we're looking at it, we hear sirens in the distance - we're about to be captured for having this stuff.

That segment of the dream is over.

In the next, and lengthiest segment, I am about 13 or 14 and I'm at a summer camp in the woods. I don't know anyone else there, and I am being pretty quiet. The camp warden seems odd, like he knows something is about to happen. We're eating dinner one night, big oak dining tables, and everything seems stilted. Anyway, one of the kids in the camp - I think he is called Jeremy, he is tallish, wears glasses, and is a bit retarded. For some reason I and my two friends at the camp - a girl and a boy - know someone has been hurt or killed or something. We go for a walk outside and see Jeremy. He is freaking out, panicing, walking around in circles - saying it was his fault, he should have been stronger, he should have stopped her, it's all his fault. We ask him what's wrong, and he says a girl went mad and he couldn't calm her down so it is all his fault.

We find the girl's body nearby - the details are hazy, but she had beaten herself to death by headbutting a concrete wall. What is left of her skull is just a bloody pulp. The three of us see this, and we are thinking, "Uhm, Ohhh-kay" and we realise we need to get the hell out of the camp. We try to take Jeremy, but he is so out of his head with blaming himself that he can't be moved.

By now, parents are starting to arrive ti pick their kids up (except for me - mine aren't coming. In this segment I think my mother was dead, and my father will pop up later). The problem is, the parents are all going crazy too. The main theme seems to be some kind of religious rage - people are acting out parts of their religion. Everything I can remember specifically was either Christian-related, or I didn't know what religion it was from - I think that's just because I don't know enough of other religions' mythology to dream something specific about it.

There are scores of these outbreaks of insanity going on all around us. We see one in particular - a mother is nailing her daughter to a wall, and saying, "It's okay, Christ did this, you can too" while the daughter screams.

My friends and I decide we need to head back to the main house where we had been staying, but there are more people there so it is totally crazy. We are starting to think this is somehow apocalyptic, and we will need supplies - the other two want to get what they can, but I think it's best to run the fuck away. Anyway, we all go back to the house - the camp leader is in the doorway, and he tells us to just run, but the girl with me says she has to get something - a personal memento. Her whole family was dead, and she said she had only one small photo of them, that she needs (I think she is lying - it's something else she wants to grab). So he tells us okay, but be quick.

Inside the house it is like something out of hell. It stinks of blood and flesh. I remember seeing parents ripping their children's skin off; I remember one child ripping out his own eyes.

I worked out something like our fears triggered the transformations. The house was either manifesting our fears, or when we got scared of something that caused it to make us go crazy. Either way, the three of us were surrounded by phobia type things in the house. The lead girl was explaining to the third member of our group, a boy, what was going on - to keep him calm. I had my mouth shut and was just trying to get through it.

The fears included crawling along a slight ledge (the outside of banisters?) above a big drop, and large spiders.

Anyway, we split up to go to our rooms to grab our stuff. It's cold so I grab some extra jumpers. I don't take my wallet or mobile phone because I Think they can be used to trace me. Amusingly, in the midst of this I am thinking an RL thought: "Shit, I should make an in-case-of-apocalypse survival bag to just grab" - because I know I don't even have time to work out what I need to take with me.

On the way out, we think it is cool till this girl with long, bright red hair sees me. She seems sane so I am just trying to walk past, then she raises some kind of home-made flamethrower/shotgun thing. She says something like, "Jesus knows you love him, but he doesn't love those who don't know their place" - and so because I have short hair, I need to be punished. She fires the flamethrower at me and I duck, it blows a hole in the wall and I am running for it. I hid in the kitchens at one point, with her around behind me. Somehow I got out alive, and found my friends in the forest. The three of us run like the wind. We know we're fucked, because the red-headed girl is actively hunting us.

Anyway, we skid to a halt because a little ahead of us we see a kind of shrine in a clearing. A mother has tied up her son (looks about 11, and overweight) in stocks. She has sprinkled the whole area with silver leaves or petals. There is a stink of petrol in the air.

The three of us pause, because this is a pass or something and we know we have to go past them. Eventually we decide to just sneak on past, and the two are so engrossed in their ritual they do not even notice us. I hear the mother saying to her son - they both seem very calm - "It's okay, Jesus endured this, so will you" while I think, WTF? Jesus was never burned. I hear her say that Jesus will save him, and I immediately think, "No, he won't save him! NO-ONE will save any of us!" I start to wonder if the parents are killing their children to try and save them from something worse that is coming.

This segment of the dream ends just as we are past the forest shrine. I hear a match lit, then feel the heat of the flames, then hear the boy screaming in agony.

The next segment is back in the city where it began. Either I am watching this on monitors, or I am not there at all. There is a cop who looks like Gary Graham generally trying to sort the shit out.

(At this point, I stopped writing the dream out from prose - so the rest is some edits from IRC.)

<`Archer> I think I pass out or something; when the dream continues I'm at home (the Louisiana home, not my real one) and this is all a movie we are watching on some shitty cable channel - I want to turn it off but one of my brothers is staring at the screen in a trance
<`Archer> My other brother keeps trying to tell me something, but he is laughing at me or something, and eventually in the middle of him trying to speak, his face starts to rot away, worms are coming out of his eyesockets, insects everywhere
<`Archer> I do a sensible thing and run like fuck
<`Archer> Outside there is a big traffic holdup, because these weird black priest guys (this is where it starts to get hazy) have taken over the city centre, and they are announcing they can make everyone strong - when I look at the priests I realise they're the survivors from the camp massacre
<`Archer> Some cop guy (played by Gary Graham . . . who, if you're wondering, is a minor TV character actor) is wondering what the fuck is going on; he is nearly caught out as sane but some kind of underground resistance movement hides him or something
<`Archer> The only other interesting titbit is when I was watching it on cable TV, I looked it up on IMDB.com - said it was NC-17 in the USA but only 12-A in the UK, so I am thinking, wtf? That means the only weird thing in this whole thing is sex! <!-- sTongue --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- sTongue -->
<`Archer> that reminds me, there was another thing in a kind of side-plot from the dream - was there ever a movie or anything called "His Dragon Saved Him"?
<Miniar> not to my knowledge.. check imdb
<`Archer> damn, it looked good!
<`Archer> (the idea behind the movie was while Jesus - and I am pretty sure the only reason so much was Christian referenced, is I don't know enough about other big religions to have fucked up dreams about them - chickened out while being crucified, and allowed his body to die but would not let his soul feel pain - so during the crucifixion that part of him kind of "slipped out" of his body, and collapsed on the ground)
<NekoYoukaiSan> suit*
<`Archer> (and the part that lived was "his dragon")
<`Archer> Anyway, there ya go.

Ubi Dubium, Ibi Libertas

Quote:"I have suffered from being misunderstood, but I would have suffered a hell of a lot more if I had been understood."

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2009-03-19 3:24
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