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Anger expressing: dragons breath
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Exclamation Anger expressing: dragons breath
Today I said to my self, you must express al of your inner anger. So I did that outside where no one could see me. I was grounding my self by stamping on the ground. I spoke angry words and stuff.

And than the dragons breath. This was stronger than I expected. I used my breath to lose all my negative energies.

You can do this to if you can. excited cat
2021-08-07 10:55
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RE: Anger expressing: dragons breath
The dragon's anger is something I have learnt to control. It is good though, to give yourself time to yourself to release and let it flow out from you.

I imagine breath exercises could also be used to calm yourself down in situations where you need to keep a sense of peace and ease.


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2021-08-23 21:57
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