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And might as well put one of my poems up too
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And might as well put one of my poems up too
ChiOkami Wrote:Lovers in The Night

The pain was slow, becoming stronger and hotter.
It surged from the wound and the pain started to falter

The fangs were deep in her neck, and going slowly deeper still.
The taste of her blood inside his mouth was sweet, would've made anybody else ill.

Her body did not thrash against his own, but welcomed his arms to wrap around.
It all began with her in his lap, but now they were on the ground.

His upper body was exposed, showing a ripped, lithe frame
The skin was tan and riddled with scars and a large cross shaped burn showing he had yet to be tamed.

The hands of the woman were exploring his back.
It gave her great pleasure, this biting of her neck, that her chest heaved with a moaning attack.

The vampire lord's own hands were occupied as well.
The right was holding the back of her now bloody neck, his left now at her side after they fell.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, but she was not dying.
It was due to ecstasy she felt not only from the bite, but his massage of her breasts which were still heaving

His hand at the back of her neck was now drenched in blood.
The senses he had told him he took enough, as he began to pull out of her neck, the blood now coming like a flood.

The pain was lessening, his tongue cleaned her neck, his hands worked fast to bind the bite.
It came to the end, the intense drinking of a mistress and her vampire lord, and still young was the night.

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