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Alternate personalities in dreams
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Alternate personalities in dreams
I had a dream last night that I was in my body at the mall or something. Jonas is a friend of Domah, one of my alternates. (As far as I can tell, all my alternates have their own bodies in other worlds/realms/whatever, we're just mentally connected like a network.) Jonas was there with me telling me that we would be running a booth, but it was a cover for something else. I went to go get something and a guy attacked me. (I was supposed to draw the guy's attention as part of some plan.) Domah then took over, and beat the living daylights out of the attacker and making as big of a scene as possible.

I've visited another alternate, Solaith, in his world before, but I was experiencing everything through his form there. This definitely wasn't in Domah's world, as we were in my body and Domah has his own there, and it would stand to reason that the dynamic wouldn't be much different if at all. But it does seem like Domah, and for that matter Jonas, were really "there" with me. Is it possible I was astral projecting unconsciously? I haven't ever done it under conscious control before despite being able to dream lucidly, and if it's possible I did this, I want to see if I can do so at will.

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2009-08-30 9:39
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