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A wild glitch appears!
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A wild glitch appears!
Hi! I'm Solstice, a random patch of squares (OneShot-style) in a human body. Which gets awkward because I'm not even supposed to have a body in the first place. I don't see a lot of action on this site, but I'm still hoping to have a good time. Anyway, nice little intro completed, I'm gonna go explore! Bye!
2022-11-14 22:55
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RE: A wild glitch appears!
Welcome to OKP!

I'm Elinox, the admin here and I'm a wolf/werewolf and a cat.

What do you mean by "patch of squares"? Like a quilt? Or are you from the Wreck-It-Ralph universe since you call yourself a glitch too?

What are some of your hobbies?

[Image: sGaXcqG.png]
Banner by me. If you want one too, see here.

"You're the best kind of crazy." -Murphy, The Dresden Files
2022-11-15 15:38
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