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A soft membrane
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A soft membrane
This night has been rough. I woke up very often due to several reasons. My sleep wasn't as deep as wanted and needed due to that. But I went with it and didn't complain. Instead, I simply tried sleeping and remained calm.

As we all know, one becomes sensitive for many things if they couldn't or can't sleep properly. And tonight I seem to have experienced that for a moment. Since I was in that "half awake, half asleep" state almost the whole night long, the membrane to the unconscious was extremely thin. So, the next time I woke up (should've been the fourth, fifth or sixth time) I felt something else. My right hand was laying on my belly, under the warming blanket. I could feel the longated fingers, the thumb claw, the whole wing structure. It was such a clear feeling that I wondered where the rest of my body went. My tail, feet and head were felt softly, such as always (I'm a suntherian). But the wing really got me.

When I fell back asleep, I heard some sounds that were like a mix of roaring and squeaking. Pretty much sounds that I usually make but more high-pitched.
Did I have younglings in my past life? Did brothers and sisters call for me? What was that?

I think I've had a very strong astral shift, too. For a moment I felt like leaving my fleshy body. Not that I rarely do this but it's never been such a strong experience so far. I felt and saw my wing as clear as if it was physical in this moment. I saw this white perlmutt color all over my huge wing. I never saw this. I never saw a tiny thing of my body, only always felt.

I wonder if this means something. Why such an intensity? Why now? Why not earlier or later? I have so many questions.

Do you have such experiences? Dream shifts or astral shifts with such an intensity? I'd love to hear about them. And I'd like to know what you think the reason for such randomly strong experiences is. It also could be Samhain that's coming nearer and nearer. But why didn't I have those intense ones the last few years? Was I that disconnected from myself?

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C. Sagan
2022-10-24 8:13
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RE: A soft membrane
It's been awhile since I had an intense shift of any kind. The wing experience sounds cool.

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2022-10-25 14:55
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