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A selection from today's dreams...
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A selection from today's dreams...
I've had a few interesting dreams today (I say "today" because I've been asleep for almost all of it).

The one that I'd thought of posting about elsewhere had to do with my getting a hysterectomy (I woke up on the table as the doctors were putting in the last stitches). This felt, actually, very freeing. As I was waking up (for real) this last time, I realized that I'd dreamed it and that I actually did still have my uterus... mm. <!-- sSad --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad" /><!-- sSad --> Then they blew up a support balloon and tied it around my hips and I went off to a Gilbert & Sullivan play.

The second one, not timeline-wise, but -- had to do with going to college and running across two people teaching about demons, for a class. This was actually really cool, because they had no negative slant on the term "demon" and were mentioning all kinds of things like the ones I've experienced. It didn't mean necessarily that I *was* a demon, but that I was in contact with something that was similar to what they were talking about, and we were using the same language to talk about it. In this dream either my mom, or my mom and dad, were there with me, which is significant in that normally my mom is biased against anything bearing the name "demon" because of her conditioning. This time, though, it was a non-issue.

It was nice to run across people who had experienced what I had and confer with them, plus realize the possibility that they knew more than me and could help me -- and I could help them. I also remember one of the speakers being backed by a blue-white light at nighttime. I'm not sure if it was literally there or a mind's eye thing...

Then there was one other dream linked to the hysterectomy one -- I was trying to get to the car after the Gilbert & Sullivan play, but had to cross a long stretch of wave-washed fields to get there. It was actually kind of cool. There was a long stretch of sand which kids had made divots in and were catching what washed up in the waves, within (fruit!). I was slogging along, trying to get downhill to the garage...when I ran across some people growing taro and yams in black sand. I pulled out a yam and was in love. There were some people growing things off to the left; one of them was growing something like kumquats (little tiny sweet orange-things that were the size of grapes or tiny cherry tomatoes) off of a bit of seaweed in an aquarium; near there, I also found a fictitious version of cherimoya plants (which looked much cuter in my mind than on Google Images -- they were silver). I'm not sure I ever made it to the car -- I started exploring this little area and can't remember what happened after I decided to look through the rest of the produce stalls.

I guess this kind of explains why I sometimes choose to sleep instead of doing stuff in the daytime...
2015-07-12 1:28
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