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A little brainstorm from Fae
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A little brainstorm from Fae
You know when you have slept very little last night and you go through the day with the sensation of not being fully awake... I was going to take a shower but these notes kept playing in my head, and I had to come back and sit down and write the following, I'm not thinking, I'm just hearing, and that is not coming from my head, is coming from a place wide and behind. Thought I could share.

* * * * *
Before I go take a shower...*

I have faerie music playing on my head, the kind that drives you crazy, that would make you remember things and dance in a frenzy for a thousand years, though I can only hear a few notes, maybe the last ones, like when you awake and only a little part of the dream you had remains in your memory, but you know, somewhere inside your head, the dream continues, without you knowing, it's in the back of your thoughts, you're never fully awaken, the music never stops.

I speak the truth. I always speak the truth, but not always in a way you can understand, I cannot lie, but I can trick you into not knowing, and the notes of the song cannot be played or sang, like you cannot paint the colors you see on your eyelids when your eyes are closed.

*...and after not sleepin much (then you aren't quite awake. You're in the middle, between states, between worlds, and isn't there where they say Faerie exists?... in the between.)

And while I'm there, what can I do, what can I do if I don't bring them here, if I don't keep one of my feet outside of the circle I can never come back and tell everyone what I saw and heard. I must keep a foot outside - in here, in this world - as much as I'd like to go. I have to bring them here. I have to sing their voices and I have to paint their faces, I'm sorry I'm not accomplishing my mission properly, dear brothers and sisters, you know I get lost, you know I get numb, I get too distracted with the mess in my room, and the voices from outside, and the intruder voices from inside, and I neglect the magic and I cease to see and hear while you're all always there, I'm ashamed and I'm afraid to make promises cause it all happens reversed, not so much time was wasted as visions were, as songs were, as inspiration were, wasted in anger and tears and worries and thoughts that were not worthy... I will find myself in the Labyrinth.

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2008-12-22 23:45
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