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A Day in the Life
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A Day in the Life
Since it's been very quiet here lately, I thought I'd try to stir things up a bit. I know others in the community are interested in this and I am too.

What's a typical day like for you as Otherkin? Are there specific Otherkin quirks that you notice in your day to day life? Do certain daily activities trigger Otherkin memories/shifts/etc. for you? Or does identifying as Otherkin not affect your normal life at all?

What is a day in the life of Otherkin like for you?

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2011-08-03 16:13
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Re: A Day in the Life
Every single day, being otherkin is annoying, and many days it's painful.

My phantom body is extremely incongruous with my physical body. I have intense instincts that are considered socially unacceptable. I want to eat fish more than anything in the world in spite of being a vegetarian. I have my "cousins" hanging around touching my energy, trying to socialize, even when I'm in the middle of important things.

So, I do my best to go about my mundane life but all of those things make it very hard to concentrate at school or work.

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2011-10-18 19:06
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